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first try manga shôjo

MZZA on 26. Aug, 2010 — Lang: No text

first try manga shôjo
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  • abrotons 21.8.2012
    very nice
  • marcia97 9.9.2010
    Cool ;)
  • cheesemaster 2.9.2010
    is that you and your bfriend
  • lama 26.8.2010
    pekné..pekné..zkusil bych shunga
  • Varg 26.8.2010
  • dawg123 26.8.2010
    Yea I love it!
  • wich 26.8.2010
    Very nice :)
    I like it
  • MZZA 26.8.2010
    wouw, thnx^^.
    well, being a perfectionist is not hard for me, becaus I got autism (light form of it), so I can spend HOURS on the same stupid line to get it on the perfect place, and it doesn't even irritates me!
    so then again, thanks for your compliments:)

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  • Spunkn 26.8.2010
    I noticed the missing piece of chin, thought it was left out on purpose so the outline wasn't so solid! Yeah I really like this, it's sweet and cute, and most of us have used that same object to sketch, and have failed miserably! Being a perfectionist will only lead to frustration when playing with strip generator!
  • MZZA 26.8.2010
    wow...this is the most *yuk*-drawing I made in my intire life! (of course not in sg, there are allways some strips that you can't remove for some reason... stupid computer*grrr*...)

    so my question is, are you guys blind and can't you see she is missing a piece of her chin, and do you really like this picture, or are you just too kind and try not to make a little girl cry because noboby likes her drawings?

    so yes, I'm really suprised/flattered that I allready got 9 thumbs up in 4 hours :)
  • Spunkn 26.8.2010
    Straight to my favourites! This is great!
  • MZZA 26.8.2010
    wooow, CIRKUZ telling me "well done"?
    I must be dreaming!:)

  • cirkuz 26.8.2010
    well done
  • DepresiveNeko 26.8.2010
  • Maoriman 26.8.2010
  • firelordA2 26.8.2010
  • Brezhoneg 26.8.2010
    Nice !
  • MZZA 26.8.2010
    hihi thnx:$:)
  • BaalMoloch 26.8.2010
    joli essai

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