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The Forgotten Tower

jZeno on 25. Aug, 2010 — Lang: English

The Forgotten Tower
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    Tales of the wolf knight…The forgotten Tower: Chapter One: A Muse of Darkness

    WolfKnight: “It’s been so long…a long a difficult journey…So much has been lost. But I must press onwards…through all the confusion. A promise made is a promise kept.
    WK (Second Panel): All depends on this…I must not falter…the tower must be destroyed.

    Narration: It is prophesied that when the world has forgotten the names of the old gods…That they shall rise to haunt us in our sleep. This is a tale of one such legend…a legend of horror and fear.
    Hello SG folks…been a while. Sorry it took so long to get back. I have no idea what is going on here… so I might have to draw a solo arc for a while… if I can I will jump in the SSGG… look out for that ]

    Anyway, this is my first entry for the “Horror” themed stuff going on… it will (hopefully) be a series…

    don't have as much time to rate and comment but i still read stuff : ] I’ll try to stick to the drawing…c-ya




    It's been so long...a long and difficult journey... But I must press onwards...through all of the confusion. The Forgotten Tower - Chapter One: A Muse of Darkness... Tales of the Wolf Knight So much...has been lost All depends on this... I must not falter... It is prophesied that when the world has forgotten the names of the old gods.... That they shall rise again to haunt us in our sleep This is a tale of one such legend...a legend of horror and fear A promise made is a promise kept. The Tower must be destroyed...

    Horror, Wolf-Knight, The Forgotten Tower
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  • calm 3.11.2011
    I'm in awe! :-)
  • bluesockmonkey 6.7.2011
    wonderful beginning, with memorable style...
  • ryoko 27.12.2010
    your style is very complex and cool
  • abrotons 26.12.2010
    the pizza tower... genial hasta en los comentarios
  • piposkj 24.9.2010
    great job!!!
  • cheesemaster 11.9.2010
  • MadameCercle 28.8.2010
    * * *
  • skottoboy 26.8.2010
    i think lol joke
  • skottoboy 26.8.2010
    jou rock gratz
  • terwallace 26.8.2010
    Welcome back!
  • IwasBoredAndCame 26.8.2010
    Gratz, it's awesome.
  • maximoo 26.8.2010
    cool, gratz
  • Flash 26.8.2010
    Grats on bribed!
  • ChristopherS 26.8.2010
    Aw-some-ness. It's brill.
  • jZeno 26.8.2010
    thanks for the welcome back all ^_^
  • Maoriman 26.8.2010
    Gratz on bribed...
  • Spunkn 26.8.2010
    Back on the bribed page! Congrats!
  • Flamingdeath 26.8.2010
    Oh,and welcome backZ! :)
  • Flamingdeath 26.8.2010
    I'll try and fill you in a little on SSGG,a while back,the warriors of SG(Noonie,Spunkn,Streetin,Maoriman,and Kennyreid)were on some mission.Kenny got half blown up,and they had to leave him behind.Now Kenny is bringing about the downfall of SG.King Andraz was shot by Maori,one of Kenny's acomplices i guess,and I've gone to the side of evil,and have been enjoying the riots that started.Noonie is pissed that Kenny didn't call ro something becasue she's thought he's been dead all this time.

    edited by owner

  • cirkuz 26.8.2010

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