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Ridiculous Work Titles

modernburrow on 12. Aug, 2010 — Lang: English

Ridiculous Work Titles
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    I had no idea there was such a thing as an Assistant Executive



    Congratualtions on being made Assistant Executive. So what's after that? Manager Let's see. Deputy Executive. Then Executive. Then Assistant Senior Executive. Then Deputy Senior Executive. Then Senior Executive. Then Deputy Assistant Super Senior Executive. Then Assistant Super Senior Executive. Then Super Senior Exectutive... Wait... So when do I become Manager? Well after Super Senior Executive, you will be made Assistant Junior Manager-in-training. Then Deputy Assistant Junior Manager. Then Assistant Junior Manager, then Deputy Junior Manager, then 2nd Junior Manager, then 1st Junior Manager. Then Assistant Supervising Junior Manager... Even at 2 years a position, it would take me 30 years. I would be close to retirement by then. That's the point. ... double click to write... double click to write...

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