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My Apprentice

dawg123 on 27. Jul, 2010 — Lang: No text

My Apprentice
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    Guy with top hat:Get inside the car if you want to really live,if you really want to know what you were born to do.

    The story he is an assassin who does all magic but there killer magic tricks and he finds a boy he is a pro at doing magics and he wants to take him under his wing to teach him his ways so he could be his apprentice and also so he could retire and let somebody replace tell me what you guys think you like it yes or no.(The story plot is still in the works but thats just what the main part is going to happen)
    I am also sorry that I havnt started the mafia series but trust me I will do it either today or tomorrow I have just been busy enjoying summer.

    action, drama, sketch, dawg123, series, ?, apprentice, dawg, productions
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