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Ineeption #6 From hatchet to plunger

3parfarley on 23. Jul, 2010 — Lang: English

Ineeption #6 From hatchet to plunger
  • Description

    The CRO is trying to recruit talent to help him build his evil empire



    I N E P T I O N JUL-26-10 I've been thinking about this a lot and decided you are a liar The only liar here is you, so you must think I'm honest. I've also decided that you are an imbecile, that makes you an imbecilic liar! I heard you think that. Have you ever thought of applying for the social hatchet opening? Been there, done that, I thought you wanted a plunger man to extract good ideas from idiots. I guess that's better than being a pathological moron

    ineption, CRO, hatchet, plunger
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