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TLATOK: Useful Ideas Episode 3

jamstudios on 16. Jul, 2010 — Lang: English

TLATOK: Useful Ideas Episode 3
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    Episode 3 of "The Life & Times of Kevin" (TLATOK)



    The Life & Times of Kevin After learning that his girlfriend is pregant, Kevin tries to come up with ways to avoid being a parent I'm not ready to be a father, I still haven't achieved my goals yet mean your goals of becoming a male stripper? very funny...dick I know exactly what to do! I have a cousin that lives in Mexico, you can stay with him for a while, but be careful... ..he's an ex-convict, he went to prison for 8 accounts of murder, and 2 accounts of male rape..don't worry though he's nice, just don't look at him straight in the eyes...Or he'll kill you! WEIRDO!

    Kevin, Funny, Humor, Comic, Life, times, of
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