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capt saveahoe #6

1kegger1 on 14. Jul, 2010 — Lang: English

capt saveahoe #6
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    the kidnap kounty kops, plotting the good citizens' demise for thier own enjoyment in vegas, if they meet their quota...



    capt saveahoe episode 6 meanwhile, the kkk, kidnap kounty kops, are having a convo about meeting their quotas over coffee and ... we dont have to pull over guilty people... yeah, nope! just any one that looks guilty of something. yeah even plant something, we need that funding from our 'uncle' do what you must we have to fund our trip to vegas lets call it an emphasis patrol, 30 tickets 5 arrests/ shift, each. do it! hmmmm...

    cops, dirty cops, corruption, speed trap, planted, evidence, set up
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