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BC SG 1.6

TheBC on 5. Jul, 2010 — Lang: English

BC SG 1.6
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    No word yet on Linux.



    StripGenerator has upgraded to 1.6, but the aristocracy has found some flaws in the new system that will be ironed out in a few days.

    If you are viewing this strip on a MAC OS computer, you will see nothing but black and this text box.

    1.6 is fully compatible with Windows though. So THERE! That's nothing, wait till you see iStrip!

    TheBC, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, StripGenerator, Windows, Mac
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  • cirkuz 6.7.2010
    hey look i'm not rating cause I don't see nothing!
  • zim_ulator 5.7.2010
    Yeah, I had a network disconnect during some changes, I guess. I love the new features, in any case, and I love stripgenerator. Cheers!

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