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Dark in wonderland s2 09

DarkPg77 on 19. Aug, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Dark in wonderland s2 09
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    (un saluto alle cronache del hello to the cheshire's chronicle...)

    C: But you don't understand?? you have to runaway!!!
    D: Listen cheshire cat, this isn't my world, soon i'll leave from here and i'll go somewhere...

    D: maybe i'll go to annoy Promethea (alan moore) or some Disney's character...
    C: Dark, Alice have stolen your power of AUTHOR OF THE STRIPES!!!
    D: WHAT??

    D: you mean that i don't able to use my powers???
    C: I mean that you have it in the cat! (to have in cat is a means you are cheated)
    D: sure...

    humor, fun, darkpg77, alpha user session, humour, wonderland
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