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how to mask things

cirkuz on 27. Jun, 2010 — Lang: English

how to mask things
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  • abrahax 20.2.2014
    i really needed to learn this so i faved it
  • Pensco2703 7.11.2013
    Too bad I didn't see this strip earlier! Because before, like when I was a STARTER, my cuz who also has S.G. name, "anonymous" he just showed me how to mask! =)
    But it's an outstanding tip for all newbies!
  • paco_de_pinda 17.7.2013
    Still I think that this works better. Hope you understand it now.
  • maxactioncomix 17.7.2013
    And besides paco already showed me how to mask in a private massage.
  • maxactioncomix 17.7.2013
    Thanks but sheeps tutorials are more"clear"..
  • cmcclung1583 27.5.2013
    I should have come here first. But you know... woulda, shoulda, coulda, oughta.
  • sidneyflei 17.5.2013
    I just got to see's always good to read tutorials like this.

  • Quag54 17.5.2013
    I did it ! I did it ! :D
  • Mooshka 17.5.2013
    TANKS......Yuh...... :3
  • Quag54 9.5.2013
    I got to learn how to do this :S
  • LegoTimTim 26.4.2013
  • MrTerrorKiller 25.4.2013
  • generalX8 9.4.2013
    good tip too bad i already know how to use the mask tool
  • JUma 8.4.2013
    i'm with balistiko6
  • thecomedyhen 13.7.2012
    @balistiko yeah this would be amazingly helpful if i had known about it
  • Balistiko6 13.7.2012
    Helpful. Too bad I didn't see this earlier. I had to figure that on my own.
  • DrakeMarsh 11.4.2012
    This has been really helpful. Thank you!
  • Heinrich 13.1.2012
    great tutorial, thanks, I'm starting to learn slowly slowly
  • paco_de_pinda 13.10.2010
    Cool! Thank you! I can make red blood now.. colored comics look better :D. Your name stands in the discription of my new comic. (Do you want colored effects, in strip-replies)
  • marcia97 29.9.2010
    I dont get it :(

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