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Bring Dice and Chips - On Being a Girl Gamer

BigIrish on 24. Jun, 2010 — Lang: English

Bring Dice and Chips - On Being a Girl Gamer
  • Description

    Clara confides in Angela over the "buttery doorknob" incident, and learns something more about her new friend.



    And expensive. Very expensive. Buttery doorknob? I know. I just... panicked. Priceless! Look, Clara. You're a girl gamer, and you're cute. If you wore more makeup, I might get a little jealous. Thanks? We're still rare enough to make you chum in the water, Honey. Well... um. Wow. So why aren't they hitting on you? They know I already have two boyfriends. Oh. And a girlfriend. OH! ... That must make Christmas and Valentine's... complex.

    RPGs, Dating, Girl Gamers, Clara, Angela
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