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Matters of the heart - 11

35sheep on 17. Aug, 2007 — Lang: English

Matters of the heart - 11
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    Sergeant Jackass: To get back to your question: The dog is a so called 'Right-angled Basset'. It is a very able police dog, that has been genetically engineered specifically for work in urban areas, where it fits almost perfectly into every hole, opening or orifice, due to its rectangular shape !!!

    Jackass, heart, ninja, 35sheep
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  • bluesockmonkey 10.7.2011
    hahahahaha! great design...
  • Spigaw 18.8.2007
    Hahahahaha xD
    THe purrfect spy =)
  • ASHA 18.8.2007
    Beautiful the series " Matters of the heart "
    The sight today : ))))))))))))))))))

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