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Ambrosius77 on 18. Jun, 2010 — Lang: English

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  • stihl 3.12.2019
    Is that messi? I cant tell
  • NathanTo 3.12.2011
  • calm 19.11.2011
    I love the reptilian texture! Awesome! :-)
  • gregheffleydude1 15.10.2011
    That is very excellent
  • Stiltsen 7.11.2010
    Excellent, faved.
  • Ambrosius77 7.11.2010
    @Quantum11 I loved your comments! Thank You very much! Too bad we cant favorite the user's comments.... That would be a great feature.
  • Quantum11 7.11.2010
    Simple explanation of Matrix according to Q11.
    You are not what you think you are. It is purely mind that operates what you call reality. What you consider your body, is merely a wave form, created by thought. A combination of group, and individual thinking, in the act of creating you, and your experiences. It is only by changing the thought, that the reality you experience can change.

    You are consciousness, mobile, creative, and divine. All thoughts to the contrary, only hinder you.
  • Quantum11 7.11.2010
    I can read his mind. He's thinking..."I hope those black lines aren't razor blades!"...and..."I"ve gotta stop watching Resident Evil!"
  • Absidion 17.7.2010
  • Ninjo 12.7.2010
    Nice effects
  • DAC0 7.7.2010
  • marcia97 22.6.2010
  • Maoriman 22.6.2010
    Gratz on Bribed
  • Ambrosius77 21.6.2010
    This is the Matrix...
  • mattfiltness 21.6.2010
    what is it ...
  • Edmard 19.6.2010
    Wow :D
  • MZZA 19.6.2010
    uh! omg! nice!
  • Neinire 19.6.2010
    Your pictures are best!:)
  • Marle 19.6.2010
  • tonkatoy 19.6.2010
    great job..congrats!

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