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Katherine Kiss Me

BeusV on 17. Jun, 2010 — Lang: Italiano

Katherine Kiss Me
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    Katherine Kiss me, Franz Ferdinand

    Not perfect, I'm doing practice



    Katherine, kiss me
    Slip your little lips
    Will split me
    Split me away
    Your eye won't hit me
    Yes, I love you, I mean it
    I'd love to get to know you

    Sometimes I say the stupid things I think
    I mean I
    Sometimes I think the stupidest things
    And do you ever wonder
    How the boy feels

    Katherine, kiss me
    Flick your cigarette, then kiss me
    Flick your eyes at mine so briefly
    Your leather jacket lies
    In sticky pools of Cider Blackberry
    You glance and ricochet
    From every alpha male behind me
    Like bubbles on the washing machine

    I wonder
    How the boy feels

    Katherine , kiss me
    In the alleyway
    By ....
    Jacket in the sodium light
    Yes, I love you, I mean I
    Need to love

    And though your opened eyes stay bored
    Upon the overflowing pipes above me
    I don't mind
    Because I never wonder

    franz ferdinand, love, song, katherine, kiss
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