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SGII: Arachnid III

jZeno on 12. Jun, 2010 — Lang: English

SGII: Arachnid III
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  • bluesockmonkey 6.7.2011
    well-staged battle
  • abrotons 26.12.2010
    great comic
  • felinefelix 31.8.2010
  • maximoo 24.8.2010
    wow, really cool
  • cheesemaster 23.8.2010
  • Flamingdeath 14.6.2010
    You'd think the spider would be fast with the 8 legs,but no matter,IT MUST DIE!
  • Netrunner 13.6.2010
    Very cool
  • Elgar 13.6.2010
    very nice and
  • Ynnad 13.6.2010
    Well done, good comic. The detail is amazing!
  • gangstasilver 13.6.2010
  • cirkuz 13.6.2010
    grats on bribed
  • Babelincoln 13.6.2010
    gratz on bribage! Dang that spider has got a lot of publicity.
  • Robukka 13.6.2010
    It's amazing is an actual page of comic +
  • Flash 13.6.2010
    Grats on bribed!!
  • Marle 13.6.2010
  • Ambrosius77 12.6.2010
    Good movement but you do not have to afraid of the teeth or legs of spiders rather the poison...
    Good to see that You are back to the classic jZeno frame style too!
  • dawg123 12.6.2010
    Wow that is amazing stuff love how you did the spider! cut him into pieces!
  • cirkuz 12.6.2010
    well the comic layout is always great but there seems to be a lack of co-operation here (if you noticed Noonie and neo's fight) when the characters there had a motion the other artist moved with the others story line last strip the wolf knight had poison shot at his eyes(close range) should have had like his magic counter the attack not just say you missed then start hacking limbs off get it together guys lol
  • SnakeYukin 12.6.2010
    Now it's crippled.
  • Babelincoln 12.6.2010
    and holy shnikes that song is awesome

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