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Fox and Mountain Lion (Folktale for Guys in Lit)

anonymous on 8. Jun, 2010 — Lang: English

Fox and Mountain Lion (Folktale for Guys in Lit)
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    Fox Mountain Lion Fox and Mountain Lion Fox was haveing a very hard time finding food and got weak Fox didn't know it, but he would eventually come upon a Mountain Lion who would help him I will hunt for you, and you shall grow fat again The Fox agreed to this Fox was to keep watch while Mountain Lion slept. He was supposed to wake Mountain Lion if any food came along Fox woke up Mountain Lion to alert him of approaching horses just observe how I catch horses Fox saw how Mountain Lion killed the horse Fox thought he could kill a horse. Unfortunatly, Fox got caught tangled in the horses mane and died. Fox thought he was strong enough to kill the horse. But he wasn't strong enough. He was still weak. double click to write... Fox didn't realize it, but he was actually a human having a nightmare about being killed as a weak fox. His human name was Kyle. He had a tough life living with his dad. He realized that life is not always so easy. You cant always control the outcome.

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