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5 centimeters per second.

Marle on 30. May, 2010 — Lang: English

5 centimeters per second.
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    Short trailer:

    "What speed do I have to live to be able to see you again?"
    I guess the answer would be..
    "5 centimeters per seconds in which a cherry blossom falls."


    Let me start off by saying that this is by far the longest time I've spent on making a strip, mostly because I played with shapes and blurred objects and i'm kiiiinda satisfied with it. (still when I posted it I saw that there were some blur bugs)

    5 centimeteres per second(Byousoku) is a tale of two people, Tono Takaki and Shinohara Akari, who were close friends but gradually grow farther and farther apart as time moves on.

    A really touching movie with one of the best drawings and animation I've seen recently. The plot and story is well thought out and the director did an amazing job on adaptating the manga books in this animated movie.

    I suggest it to everyone who is in the mood for a very good drama movie.

    This strip is a reply to I.. don't know., Promise you'll never leave me., Ashitaka and San., Soulmates.



    What speed do I have to live, to be able see you again? 5 centimeters per second" in which a cherry blossom falls.

    Marle, 5, centimeters, per, second
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  • NathanTo 30.12.2011
  • phpboxxx 8.6.2010
    beatiful moment
  • MZZA 8.6.2010
    melting in here
  • ricochet3 7.6.2010
  • Marle 31.5.2010
    @dawg glad you liked it!
  • dawg123 31.5.2010
    I just saw the movie it was really good and so sad!
  • MadameCercle 31.5.2010
    Très réussi ...

    (et merci pour le lien)
  • Kalmaster 31.5.2010
    oh impresive
  • clh 31.5.2010
    @Marle I know nothing about anime and manga, few years ago I've watched some classic ones like Akira. Anyway this one was really good, great story and fantastic drawings. Thanks again.
  • Marle 31.5.2010
    @clh glad you liked it, not many people have heard of it so I thought I should make a tribute and suggest it to you guys. I'll do these kinds of strips often. :P
  • clh 31.5.2010
    Grats on bribed! And thanks for this great movie recommendation, I've watched it yersterday and really liked it.
  • Marle 31.5.2010
    Thanks everyone!
  • Neinire 31.5.2010
    You are fantastic!
  • Ambrosius77 31.5.2010
    This is a great art! Testing engine and limitations indeed needs a lot of time but later it speed up the creation process.
  • hansolo 31.5.2010
    Very good!!!
  • Maoriman 31.5.2010
    Gratz on a great bribed...
  • Flash 31.5.2010
    Grats on bribed!!
  • TryMikeD 30.5.2010
  • shangfong 30.5.2010
  • Brezhoneg 30.5.2010
    Nice !

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