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Veronique on 27. May, 2010 — Lang: Espanol

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  • Veronique 20.1.2013
    pues ya ves!!
  • abrotons 20.1.2013
    tantas veces!!!!
    no hay derecho!!!
  • abrotons 11.5.2012
    Bueno, he llegado a donde iba, a leer-ver tus tiras desde donde me quedé. Las quiero ver todas.
  • gbear 16.6.2010
    very nice
  • Veronique 28.5.2010
    Thank's my friends ^^
    @Maoriman, I am grateful, you're a great friend.

  • Ambrosius77 28.5.2010
    Following the flying dollars... Till the end of the world...
  • Marle 27.5.2010
    Love the reflection!
  • Flash 27.5.2010
    Great strip..
  • cirkuz 27.5.2010
    you always do interesting art it's a pleasure to see it :D now go run after those Francs!
  • dawg123 27.5.2010
    Nooo go get those flying dollar bills
  • Maoriman 27.5.2010
    You need a loan? Just ask. The reflections are extra cool...

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