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Ambrosius77 on 19. May, 2010 — Lang: English

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    Make your attempt on mixing yellow (and achieve the Alchemist badge)
    That's my attempt. It is a bit brow, a bit orange, a bit olive but not too bad for the first try :D

    Some help:

    When using the additive method, the primary colors are red, blue, and green. The more additive primaries you add, the lighter the resultant color. Mix all three and you get white.

    How do we make yellow? By adding full-strength red and full-strength green. Adding two-thirds strength blue gives us a lighter (not darker) yellow. Full-strength blue, red, and green produce bright white.

    Green + red = yellow
    Green + blue = cyan (light blue)
    Red + blue = magenta
    Red + blue + green = white

    Stripgenerator color mixing is very weird. I did my yellow by mixing inverted lower opacity red (aka green), red, brown(inverted blue with 1px blur and lowered opacity) and an inverted almost full opacity red (aka cyan). I did it a very random way, I am not sure I can reproduce it again... :D

    This strip is a reply to badges
    Ambrosius77, SG 1.5, Yellow
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  • gregheffleydude1 15.10.2011
    That IS kind of yellow
  • maximoo 26.8.2010
  • tonkatoy 20.5.2010
  • MadameCercle 20.5.2010
    Très intéressant.
  • gbear 20.5.2010
    ok thanks for the tip
  • dawg123 19.5.2010
    Hmm becoming a scientist to get yellow
  • qenene 19.5.2010
    I've analized the image with a photoedition software, and there are some values in the range of the yellow, but with codes like this (in RGB) #858572
    so you've obtained a colour in the right range of the yellow, but mostly a grey, because the values of red, green and blue are very close.
    (a basic yellow has the code #ffff00, the blue should be far away below red and green)
  • jZeno 19.5.2010
    light tannish browning sorta yellow, but great attempt > ]
  • cirkuz 19.5.2010
    great job to me it looks like a metallic gold -when is the new SG coming out?
  • Netrunner 19.5.2010
  • SnakeYukin 19.5.2010
    Well... nice attempt.
  • clh 19.5.2010
    i was thinking RGB too, but you can't bring nice bright yellow here this way, and due to different color profiles and different screen color calibration some users may see this as brown-olive as you said and others may see this as pretty close to nice yellow
  • Streetin 19.5.2010
    I've gotten what you have before... I just didn't think it was much...

  • Marle 19.5.2010
    Awesome! But i still think that they should put some nice bright yellow color. :p
  • Streetin 19.5.2010
    ... Jimmy Dean?
  • Flash 19.5.2010

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