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SGGII: Demon's Rain

jZeno on 15. May, 2010 — Lang: English

SGGII: Demon's Rain
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    SGGII: Demon's Rain

    This is sudden judgement
    To watch the world fall
    Torn asunder
    A demon’s rain
    This is the heart
    This, the fallen sword...
    To listen, breaking dawn
    Swirling in chaos with
    A forgotten name
    A demon’s rain

    This was inspired by some of the recent work clh was doing...mostly the "singing in the rain" piece. I really like the economy of style...using one shape mostly to awesome effect. I tried for the same above, using just one shape (blotch) except for color.

    How does this fit in with SGGII? Its more like inspired by. Its a spell called "demon's rain" which my character happens to know ] quite dangerous...spells can be chanted in dreams to learn their effect...that's what the wolf knight is doing here...a nightmare and an incantation

    anyway...just felt abstract today...

    This strip is a reply to singing in the rain
    SG Game II, SGGII, battle, neko, streetin, noonie, kennyreid, maoriman, marle, babelincoln, neochomik, flaming death, clh, robukka
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