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The Queen is sad!!

mujer40 on 12. May, 2010 — Lang: English

The Queen is sad!!
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  • Kalmaster 13.5.2010
    jo porque esta triste? T_T
  • jZeno 13.5.2010
    a la tristeza...espero que su corazon busque un nuevo horizonte alegre pronto...
  • thlastlady 13.5.2010
    love the hair!
  • froggyfroggykath 13.5.2010
    This is NICE! :P
  • clh 13.5.2010
    pretty nice design, red touch does the job
  • dawg123 12.5.2010
    Nnnooo dont be sad be glad!
  • mujer40 12.5.2010
    yes sure Maoriman!!
  • Maoriman 12.5.2010
    Just read Cirkuz' strips, that'll cheer you up...
  • Froggy 12.5.2010
    Ooooh.... I dont' understand that! Haha! I am from Denmark! And that sounds like this: Hej med dig! Det der var virkelig en fed tegneserie! Og stakkels stakkels dfronning og stakkels stakkels konge! Jeg håber at de begge to får det godt igen! :)
  • mujer40 12.5.2010
    Gracias Marklin viste ya hice 100!!!
  • Froggy 12.5.2010
    Oooh! Poor poor king and poor poor queen! ;(
  • JRMarklin 12.5.2010
    La reina está triste. Por qué está triste la reina?
    Felicitaciones por la nueva madalla
  • Froggy 12.5.2010
    Hi mujer40 :D You wanna be friends? Cause that would make me happy! :D
  • mujer40 12.5.2010
    the king was lost!!!!!!!!
  • SnakeYukin 12.5.2010
    Why so sad?
  • mujer40 12.5.2010
    thank you Froggy!!!
  • Froggy 12.5.2010
    Thumps up for you! :D That's a nice picture!!! :D
  • cirkuz 12.5.2010
    aaaawwww poor poor Queen :L

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