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trigonometry pick up line

anonymous on 8. May, 2010 — Lang: English

trigonometry pick up line
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    by kurtis hoang



    double click to write... double click to write... TRIGONOMETRY COMICS The Pick Up Line Hey sin^2guy Hey singuy How?!??!? Want to know how to pick up cos^2girls? notes: guy/girl represent the variables Well first off you tell them that ur a sin^2guy. Oh that cool. I'm going to try it on that one foxy cos^2girls Say this pick up line "Since I'm sin^2 and your cos^2, and me + you = 1." Hey are you a sin^2girl right? Uh yeah ... why do you ask? Well since I'm sin^2 and your cos^2 and me+you=1, so we should date What a loser! That such a lame pick up line. I'm going to find a tan^2guy

    trigonometry, pick up line, failure
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