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Dark in wonderland s2 05

DarkPg77 on 10. Aug, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Dark in wonderland s2 05
  • Description

    time after...

    Voice: Dark, Dark...wake up!
    Dark: mmm
    V:dark, i said to...
    D: just other 5 minutes, Mom!


    D: who is talking??
    V: I'm your conscience.
    D: Really???
    V: No Dark, NO!

    wonderland, darkpg77, humor, humour, alpha user session, fun
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  • Neokratos 10.8.2007
    Haha grande !!!
    E se non è la coscienza chi sarà ??? ehehe :-D
  • ASHA 10.8.2007
    Bei incubi he he he !
  • Yaza 10.8.2007
    bella faccia da allucinato appena svegliato hihih :))

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