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Gulliver travels to "Lilliput"

Qaizher on 3. May, 2010 — Lang: English

Gulliver travels to "Lilliput"
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    Experience the "actual" story when Gulliver traveled to Lilliput..



    double click to write... double click to write... double click to write... Goodbye my friends! Have a safe journey Gulliver! double click to write... Geee, I wonder whats that on the road? What's happening?? Why am I captured, what are you creatures? We are the citizens of Lilliput. What and who are you?? double click to write... Both Gulliver and the citizens are astounded at the sizes of each other, so they talked. double click to write... double click to write... Both parties began explaining their story and came to terms with the reality. I see. Share with me more about your world and ill do the same. I agree, very well then. Let us show you around.. These here are our animals. Im sure it is small in nature compared to your world. So the Lilliputians began to show Gulliver their world The more they walked through the small town, the more amazed Gulliver became Soon the day to return home came. Gulliver left with stories and proof of the Lilliputian's world Bye little people! Bye Gulliver! This time drive safely for real Gulliver! You're back You guys wouldn't believe what I went through! I stumbled upon the Lilliputians! Everything there is so small! Hmmmm... Gulliver, Both these animals and the Lilliputians aren't small, I think they are just underfed.. Dead End.

    Ironic, Fairy Tale
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