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...and it opened up my eyes.

Pen_alias on 30. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

...and it opened up my eyes.
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    I think that just about does it for alternate definitions of crossing a road.

    Sorry everybody, Quoty the word balloon, sadly, got popped. Times New Roman everywhere; it’s a real mess. I’m not saying the chicken had something to do with it, but Quoty's last words were completely illegible…chicken scratches.

    This strip is a reply to Uh-Oh



    ROAD Whoa, that road looks mean; better not cross it.

    chicken, nothing of importance
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  • MrTerrorKiller 7.11.2013
    he-he :)
  • Roly2010 2.5.2010
    Better not mess with a Ruffian Road,
    might flatten you ! :D
  • cirkuz 30.4.2010
    oh well i'm sure you'll think of something else the Quoty concept was a good idea
  • JRMarklin 30.4.2010
    It was a hen with five chicks ... crossed the street and the truck ran over all ...
  • Spunkn 30.4.2010
    Alas, poor Quoty, I didn't know ye well!
  • Spunkn 30.4.2010
    Ah yes. The old joke " Why didn't the chicken cross the road?" Now we know!

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