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Missing Prince pt14

dawg123 on 20. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

Missing Prince pt14
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    Will the fight end up to the death between Marcus and Anthony or will one surrender?Will Blake defeat the demon or will the demon conquer?



    just relax Marcus watch out!!! Nnnooooo Elizabeth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell is your problem!!Im going to kill you! Marcus calm down its not what it looks like she was a demon and we had to kill her You lier!! Im sorry Anthony but you have to die Marcus you have to believe me its the truth and I am better than you in swords you wont beat me Watch me!! Her body is melting..Hmmm?Wait shes transforming to her normal self!!! You have to believe me Marcus why would I ever do that to you Because your jealous you wish your wife was as loving as her! You hardly knew that girl and she was a demon!! Alright lets do this!! Rrrooaaar!!!!!!!

    action, thriller, drama, missing, prince, demon
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  • DaytonaBeach 27.4.2010
  • DaytonaBeach 27.4.2010
  • Flamingdeath 22.4.2010
    o man
  • Marle 20.4.2010
    :O No more boobs! :(
  • Flash 20.4.2010
    Marcus BELIEVE Anthony!!!
  • Maoriman 20.4.2010
    THey'll keel eacH othER...
  • cirkuz 20.4.2010
    they will stop fighting to see the other guy fighting the demon then he'll see his mistake because his heart will tell him so!
  • Spunkn 20.4.2010
    Come on Anthony, Kill him!
  • Streetin 20.4.2010
    Man, Marcus is a moron...
  • SnakeYukin 20.4.2010
    Ah, what a twist. Should have never trusted the girl.
  • JRMarklin 20.4.2010
    Long ago when radio novels, I remember that at the end of the chapter of the day, they made a number of questions like that ...

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