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Deidara's ultimate attack.

Marle on 18. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

Deidara's ultimate attack.
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    Deidara gets sick of looking at Gaara's impassive face and gets ready to use his ultimate attack.

    Hope you like it. :]

    This strip is a reply to Chapter One: Uzumaki Naruto!, Flashback: I want to be like him.



    Issue an emergency Take two squads and guard the reservoir! Seal all roads leading into A-block!
    There's no reason to think that there's only one enemy. Whatever happens, do not slack on battle preparations. Have the medical teams create a barrier and get all civilians inside immediately! Hurry! We cannot afford a single casualty. Got it?! We'll support Gaara.. No, Kazekage-sama, with all our strength! Being interrupted from below is gonna kill the fun... Plus.. I'm sick of looking at your impassive face. Deydara's ultimate attack.

    Marle, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Hokage, Hidden, Sand, village, deidora, gaara, desert, ready, go, ultimate, attack
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