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Paying Up Final Act Part 18: Dead?

SnakeYukin on 15. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

Paying Up Final Act Part 18:  Dead?
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  • Daxter 16.4.2010
  • Marle 16.4.2010
    grats on bribed!
  • Spunkn 16.4.2010
    Shot all the way to the bribed page! Congrats!
  • Ambrosius77 16.4.2010
    Congratz on bribed Snakey!
  • Maoriman 16.4.2010
    Gratz on bribed dude...
  • mariofsa20 15.4.2010
  • Roly2010 15.4.2010
    I see she was chopped off at the legs !
  • Marle 15.4.2010
    Noes! Get up and cut his face off!
  • Flash 15.4.2010
    Nah your still alive!
  • Maoriman 15.4.2010
    Well I don't see any blood, so I am thinking along the lines of everyone else with the bullet proof vest. He needs one in the head, but Kenny is too busy dialouging to give it to him - idiot!
  • Flamingdeath 15.4.2010
    A bullet proof vest or something would be a suprise.
  • Streetin 15.4.2010
  • Spunkn 15.4.2010
    Well, bullet resistant vest anyway, if they are armour piercing rounds they'll go through the kevlar, also if Kenny decides to confirm the kill by popping two in his head, then what?
  • dawg123 15.4.2010
    Its a bullet proof vest so hes alright!...right?
  • DelkamonKaos 15.4.2010
    oh... i am 90% sure he is faking.
  • Spunkn 15.4.2010
    Dun Dun Duuuuuuunnnnnnn! Oh wait, aren't you wearing armour of some sort?

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