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Ferrari F430

Neokratos on 6. Aug, 2007 — Lang: Italiano

Ferrari F430
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  • krzysztof 10.4.2012
  • christianrocks 9.3.2010
    holy crap.
  • Maoriman 4.3.2010
  • Raspotin 3.6.2008
    The best car ever made!
  • Ajzaklija93 13.4.2008
  • JacobDS 14.8.2007
    Are you magic? That's amazing!
  • Yosarian 12.8.2007
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW :) vroooooooooooom
  • nick_ 10.8.2007
    beeeeeeeeeeeeellla considerando ke sono un patito per le ferrari...ho soprattutto l'f430 aspetterò con ansia 599gtb e una porsche carrera gt :P
  • Barisek 8.8.2007
  • Neokratos 8.8.2007
    Yes... i think it will be read... because here everyone knows english... italians too...if you can speak english is better for all :-)
  • tiger_zahuel 8.8.2007
    i'm french. and the only other language i know are english and a sino-vietnamese one.

    just wanted to know if with english my strip will be read by everyone.
  • Platowe 8.8.2007
    tiger: this site is as much an open source for comraderie, comment, and creativity as I've ever seen.
  • hansolo 7.8.2007
    Più bella dell'Audi!!!
    Sei bravissimo.
  • ziubello 7.8.2007
    fai paura!
  • Smarfette 7.8.2007
  • fmonaca 7.8.2007
    Pazzesco! Complimentoni!
  • sundance 7.8.2007
    decc kúl :)
  • Andraz 7.8.2007
    fuckin crap. amazing.
  • christianrocks 7.8.2007
    Amazing. Absolutely amazing.
  • Platowe 7.8.2007
    This is one of the best renderings I've seen!! This catapults you into the likes of MC, Asha, Spigaw, gerdbonk, xideum, bastard--yikes!!

    Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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