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Terminator; 30 min

kennyreid on 8. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

Terminator; 30 min
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  • stihl 7.12.2019
    how good could it be if you had like 1 hour..
  • Magique 7.4.2012
  • MJardin 6.4.2012
  • yellowcanary 4.2.2012
  • deadlierlizard 12.1.2012
  • jipplekonp 23.12.2011
  • EdWilder 20.12.2011
    Awesome work...what is this blur bug of which you speak?
  • sprinkles101 6.10.2011
    so like the real movie
  • opeluna1 24.9.2011
    oh, thx! kenny, say hello to her for me, please!
    I love watercolours
    today I'm shopping some supplies to see if I still can do some of my old tricks with them
    looking forward to your ideas!
  • kennyreid 24.9.2011
    opeluna, ID be soooooooooo happy if you used my watercolour ideas, so would my gf
  • opeluna1 24.9.2011
    hey guys, share it with me tooo, pleaseeeee!
    I'm even going back to brushes and pencils to see what I can reproduce here
  • benjamin895 24.9.2011're on;)
  • kennyreid 24.9.2011
    if i do, ill share with you, have a good old fashioned SG one on one compition
  • benjamin895 24.9.2011
    haha thanks johnald, that's the first time anyones called me sofisticated;)

    @kenny, now that sounds like a cool project, i'd love to be able to reproduce watercolour... i hope you can make it happen buddy
  • johnald 24.9.2011
    wow u guys r sophisticated! =D
  • kennyreid 24.9.2011
    love what you do, thought about doing something similar, trying to emulate watercolour or ink marks to make a followup of my terminators
  • benjamin895 24.9.2011
    yup, i know exactly how you feel. i created my 'brushes' to combat the bug. i grouped random objects together with the theory that the lesser the free items on your page, the less pressure on the engine. also works well with blurred objects..
  • kennyreid 24.9.2011
    cheers Ben but i cant stick the hair, it was perfect before i published it, but the blur bug got in the way, thats why I tryed ignoring blur except to about 2-4 points in my later strips, it doesnt turn out how i make it otherwise id be much happier with my work.

    Im not boasting, but the terminator skull was picture perfect before i published it, that took hours to do and the bug screwed me over
  • benjamin895 24.9.2011
    woh dude, this is sweeet! and 30minutes?? top stuff, faved:)

    actually like the hair blurred, gives it a slice of realism... in comparison to the flat 2d elements
  • kennyreid 20.9.2011
    appart from hair this works

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