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Ready?! Go!

Marle on 2. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

Ready?! Go!
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    Due to having Shukaku sealed within him, Gaara has control over sand. Gaara always carries sand with him in a calabash-shaped gourd on his back, which is in fact also made of compacted sand. To attack his opponents, Gaara uses sand to engulf them, and he can compress the sand, crushing them in the process. When Gaara is attacked, a shield of sand automatically blocks the attack, a result of Shukaku being sealed within him. Gaara also covers his skin with a layer of sand as a precautionary defensive measure. By the end of Part One, Gaara also demonstrates his ability to use sand to carry himself, effectively allowing him to fly.

    Ready?! Fight!

    Hope you like it. :]

    This strip is a reply to Chapter One: Uzumaki Naruto!, Gaara of the Desert.



    Ready?! Go!

    Marle, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Hokage, Hidden, Sand, village, deidora, gaara, desert, ready, go
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  • Marle 5.4.2010
    This is the original story but I'm adding a few changes to it.
  • abrotons 5.4.2010
    Is this the original story or your own version or a totally different one?
  • Spunkn 4.4.2010
    I know I'm ready for a fight!
  • bluesockmonkey 3.4.2010
    i like the way you make those eyes...
  • JRMarklin 3.4.2010
    An artist of manga
  • Ambrosius77 3.4.2010
    6 votes only? People come on! Commenting gives 7, voting gives 1 point too! More point more rank more possible comment and strip per day!
  • Val 3.4.2010
  • Maoriman 3.4.2010
    Great Yukata...
  • SnakeYukin 3.4.2010
  • mujer40 2.4.2010
    very nice¡¡¡

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