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Chapter Two: Akatsuki make a move!

Marle on 1. Apr, 2010 — Lang: English

Chapter Two: Akatsuki make a move!
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    Action starts in the following strips!
    The Akatsuki make their move and are heading towards the Hidden Sand Village but one of the guards noticed them. Will he be able to report this in time? What are the Akatsuki's intentions?
    (woah that sounds so lame xD)

    For those of you who do know the original naruto shippuden story i'll try to follow it but I'll make some changes.

    Hope you like it! :]

    This strip is a reply to Chapter One: Uzumaki Naruto!, To The Hidden Sand Village!



    What's that?! Black cloaks with a red cloud design...
    Can't be...
    They're... I have to report this to Captain Yuura immediately! Chapter Two: Akatsuki make a move! Near the Hidden Sand Village gates...

    Marle, Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Hokage, Hidden, Sand, village, Akatsuki
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  • gaarayeowyunrong 7.4.2010
    how the hell did you draw their faces?!ITS SO COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!
  • abrotons 5.4.2010
  • bluesockmonkey 3.4.2010
    i like that sandy top panel...evocative...
  • kennyreid 2.4.2010
    bring the action on
  • jZeno 2.4.2010
    yay naruto...mix-it up!
  • Spunkn 2.4.2010
    Oh man! It's all happening now!
  • Ambrosius77 2.4.2010
    Very very good!
  • Marle 1.4.2010
    @Noonie, Well, i'll surely follow the main story, i'll just make some minor changes along the way. :p

    @neo, Eh, I just turned on one of the shippuden episodes and he had blue. o.O
  • Maoriman 1.4.2010
    Fantastic scenery - you spoil us with your art...
  • SnakeYukin 1.4.2010
    Needed to be a little more sneaky.
  • wich 1.4.2010
    Sasori and Deidara!
    It was great episode!

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