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...and the old folks wished them well.

Pen_alias on 31. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

...and the old folks wished them well.
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    Oui, I did do that thing. No, I don't speak French. There was talk of bad word play and this just sort of popped in there.



    I don’t know. We’ve got the chicken jokes, and the puns, and the intentionally bad jokes, and the references that nobody understands; and you would think that that would make one feel complete, but there’s something, something indefinable, something intangible that’s missing: a certain something that I can’t put my finger on that would give these comic strips a certain something… What do you say Jenny? Quoi Great, now we’ve got everything!

    nothing of importance
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  • Spunkn 31.3.2010
    Well, bad word play is better than no word play at all, or is it?!
  • cirkuz 31.3.2010
    can you pop it back in lol :D j/k dieing is easy comedy is hard!
  • PYRGODESS 31.3.2010
  • bluesockmonkey 31.3.2010
    je ne sais pas....

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