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"There is no risk" contest, last day

Netrunner on 30. Mar, 2010 — Lang: Français

"There is no risk" contest, last day
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  • cackle 11.3.2011
  • Spunkn 30.3.2010
    Good luck to all the entries!
  • Ambrosius77 30.3.2010
    It will be buggy if it get strip replied with an other strip. I got that bug at 10 strip replies on the Neo in 25 minutes strip.
    I will strip reply this, OK?
  • SnakeYukin 30.3.2010
    Yeah... me forgot as well.
  • bluesockmonkey 30.3.2010
    dang, i forgot...too late now for me, but i will enjoy seeing the results :))

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