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All this Custom frames here, they get me dizzy!

Raspotin on 21. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

All this Custom frames here, they get me dizzy!
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    All of this is so cool, i feel like im on Disneyland.



    Hihihi, hidden
    behind a frame! YOU CANNOT ESCAPE, MR. RASPOTIN! GET BACK HERE SO WE MAY TALK! Huhuhu! Braaaaagggrrhh!

    Raspotin, Fish, Bananamen
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  • Dorota 22.3.2010
    Hellooooo Ras!
    Great to see you again. :)))
  • Maoriman 22.3.2010
    Going wild with the new tools I see...
  • Spunkn 22.3.2010
    Awesome way to play with the new stuff! This is fantastic!
  • qenene 21.3.2010
    You're safe out of the frame till the monsters discover the button "move out of the frame" ;)
  • bluesockmonkey 21.3.2010
    many of the new things are great fun--frames & masking--but some not so wonderful, just like the lines at no library!!!
  • kennyreid 21.3.2010

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