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Neko-chan Evolved (4) Knight

jZeno on 20. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Neko-chan Evolved (4) Knight
  • Description

    Neko-mon Evolution: Neko-Knight

    Lv 20
    Endurance – 26
    Strategy – 25
    Charisma – 35
    Cute Factor – 500,000,000

    Secret Neko Powers

    Hug Tackle (Glomp) III; Ultimate Stab; Justice Smack; Boots to the Head; Sheep Dreams
    Rose thorns; Cute Stare of Doom III; Infinite Pout III; Nosebleed; Retribution

    Summons: Fairy, Chimaera, Sphinkx

    Weapon: Spell-caster spear

    Here is the promised fourth stage image of Neko as a Neko-Knight. I had to jump up a couple of levels. I borrowed some of Neko’s drawing style for the fairies : ] Hope Neko doesn’t mind. Neko has more advanced forms, sure, but I will stop here for now...

    This might be one of my most complex images. I had to create a lot of custom objects and block them out. And drawing a friend’s avatar is really a challenge. You want to do a good job so the friend doesn’t kill you ^_^

    Evolve your Friends Series...invented by Neko. Thanks Neko : )

    Also...I am going for a trip because of work for a I am sorry to say I may not be able to log in at all for that long. This might be my last image until I get back. If I can sneak into somewhere with a PC I will to see what you are all up to : ) I hope you all are well while I am gone.

    Wolf-Knight Manga will return with a vengeance when I get back...Best Regards to all.


    PS: Neko-chan appears in Wolf-Knight Manga and this is one of her armor sets.

    Neko, evolved, pokemon, knight, wolf-knight
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