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Esperando la marea

ababol on 18. Mar, 2010 — Lang: Espanol

Esperando la marea
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  • Kalmaster 4.5.2010
    super bonito, muy bueno el cambio de luz
  • Netrunner 18.3.2010
  • Maoriman 18.3.2010
    That is great - Like how you showed him over the course of a day...
  • kennyreid 18.3.2010
    nice strip
  • jZeno 18.3.2010
    excellent moody weather : ] muy bien hecho, los colores y la atmofera...
  • bluesockmonkey 18.3.2010
    a good, serene way to spend the day...and a fine, fine strip of great subtle colors and mood...
  • Spunkn 18.3.2010
    Amazing! Nice day to just spend out on a boat!
  • JRMarklin 18.3.2010
    Me recuerda algo de Pol Gauguin

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