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Kill-time chords

hitherto on 12. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Kill-time chords
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    This just started when I got tired of watching strips that all looked alike but were lacking something, so I figured a different approach and came up with the idea of "adding" sound to it.
    My intention is to grow these into a series that you can play at home with.



    Strip generator is so- boring sometimes.

    music, time, nirvana, boring, bored, chords, kill, Strip, generator, sound, ocio, musica, tiempo, aburrido, acordes, matar, sonido
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  • Spunkn 12.3.2010
    Cool! I will have to learn an instrument and play along!
  • kennyreid 12.3.2010
    ha ha, true, but we all friends here
  • 21o7 12.3.2010
    very ceative:)i'll try playing it out:)

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