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Demonology - Aviaxian

jZeno on 11. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Demonology - Aviaxian
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    Wolf-Knight Manga – Demonology Entry 125.7
    Type: Aviaxian (Avian summoner)
    Order: Saesidru (Nemox)
    Elemental Origin: Fire
    Weaknesses: ???
    Rank (Sylvian Scale of Destruction): 25
    Known spells: Earth corruption, summoning, Vespian Poison, Paralysis

    Notes: The Aviaxian may be level 25 on the destruction scale but may be infinitely more dangerous. All demons capable of earth-corruption and summoning are among the most virulent of the saesidru. The Aviaxian is capable of turning good earth into Dras, the formless matter which we believe creates the demons. From the Dras the Aviaxian can create sub-ordinate demons resembling one-winged birds. The aberrations can infect the air for miles with pestilence, plague or worse yet, vespian poison which instantly causes paralysis and within seconds, final death. As a corruptor it is also capable of claiming good earth for the forest of nothingness. Fortunately, the Aviaxian have been seen in only the deepest heart of the forest and have yet to make their way to the boundary points. A most hated foe. During the spell of corruption the Aviaxian is known to sing, but a song such as which has never been uttered on this world.

    Not yet back to the W-K manga so here is another demon image from it. It ended up taking me just as long as a strip page….

    Technical: There is a lot of possibility with line-drawing here. Traditional cross-hatching effects which are so often used in western comics can be used in great effect.
    Source Material: This is an original image, but I used several models, from nature (bird, trees, plants) and from animals and humans (used a wrestler for parts of the body : ] I usually work that way for demons.

    You really don’t have to read any of this stuff. Its just stuff that’s running through my mind. And someone might find it interesting.

    Thnkx4looking, W-K manga returns soon

    wolf knight, sketch, demon
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