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Mechanical Dragons

jZeno on 10. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Mechanical Dragons
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    Wolf-Knight Interlude - Monsterpedia entry 125.7

    Mechanical Dragons climbing the staircase of dreams in the dark heart of the forest of nothingness

    NOTES: Much of what happens in the forest of nothingness is not something you can see in the traditional sense. There are enemies which have only dream-bodies…such as the mechanical dragons here. They have the ability to travel through our thoughts… to affect our dreams and hold our emotions. Such are the enemies in the forest of nothingness. To defeat them, the staircase to dreams must be destroyed. And you must force them out of your soul by the strength of your will.

    Not enough time to draw a proper manga page…so I drew some abstract monsters. Based on old-style Japanese line-art. Wolf-knight will be back in at most two days. See you later : ]

    wolf-knight, monsterpedia
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