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Forbidden to awaken the Goddess

jZeno on 9. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Forbidden to awaken the Goddess
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    Wolf-Knight Interlude – Paean to Female Beauty in Honor of Women’s Day

    Paean to Females

    To the fair and dangerous spirit cut from light
    May you always grace this world
    With peace, radiance and health
    May you ever calm our haunted ways
    And distract our greater rage…

    Without you, chaos bearer, we are naught…
    Will you but grace our clumsy ashen helm?
    For no greater treasure is human-born
    Than to look upon thy eyes, to share thy breath
    and feel the beat of hearts, intertwined
    to strike together at the night and rend a door within.

    Happy Women’s day!

    Wolf Knight Manga will return tomorrow. The image above is a picture of Lady Lotus the Faery sleeping by the seaside in honor of Women’s day (in a slightly more realistic style of sketching). I wouldn’t wake her if I were you. Her weapons are close by, her ashen black shield and grey rapier (swept-hilt style), both of which are covered in oleander which causes sweet thoughts, sleep and then infinite death. She is immune to it of course and uses it as skin balm.

    Story Continuity: This scene takes place several scenes after meeting the wolf knight. Something happened in that span of time that affected the Lady Lotus deeply. See Neko’s blog if you want to know more. I am not sure if I understand it completely. But she seems to be OK now. lady Lotus is a character by depresiveneko.

    PS: Thanks for all the moral support in my last post : ] I appreciate you all. SG is such a great community.


    This strip is a reply to I trust
    wolf-knight, women'd day, neko
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