6 ThumbsUp the ceiling flew away.

Pen_alias on 8. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English the ceiling flew away.
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    Oh, thee ghost of endless sorrow,
    Keep thy presence from tomorrow.
    Sway thy course from whence I may stay
    ‘Til I quaff the sweet nepenthe.
    Do you hear me!? Nepenthe, I say! Nepenthe! Nepenthe!!! Alright! Here’s your nepenthe. You don’t have to shout. Hmm. Goes down kind of rough on an empty stomach.
    Peanuts! Peanuts, I say! Peanuts!!!

    nothing of importance
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  • Maoriman 8.3.2010
  • Pen_alias 8.3.2010
    It's all Greek to me, Homer.
  • jZeno 8.3.2010
    "...εἰς οἶνον βάλε φάρμακον, ἔνθεν ἔπινον, νηπενθές τ᾽ ἄχολόν τε, κακῶν ἐπίληθον ἁπάντων."
  • SnakeYukin 8.3.2010
    The comic strip?
  • bluesockmonkey 8.3.2010
    lol--don't forget to stir the nepenthe and get all the lumps out!!!
  • Spunkn 8.3.2010
    And would it kill you to put some sugar in the nepenthe?

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