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The Same Old Story - Issue 1

ChrisHedgie on 8. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

The Same Old Story - Issue 1
  • Description

    The Same Old Story - a comic series about 3 random college roommates and their lives. A coffee-drinking intelligent cynical, a laid-back musical hippie, and an goth emo-wannabe.



    This is Frank. Some say he is a simple man. You wear your pants too tight. This is Jake. Some say he is a difficult man. It's like the heavens above are filled with Skittles of flaming passion, man! This is Nathan. Most say nothing and leave him well alone. Shut up. Go suck a lemon or somethin'...

    comedy, emo, old, cliche, girls, boys, video games, coffee, apartment, blog, funny, random, rock, music
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