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Wolf-Knight Manga - page 5

jZeno on 6. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Wolf-Knight Manga - page 5
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    Wolf-knight – First Solo Battle – Pg 5

    Text reads: 1: …. It’s Dead.
    2. I can feel its presence passing in anger….and I lost control again…just like I did at Niltia.
    3. Where does this anger come from?
    5. What? What was that?
    6. No, its nothing. I have to clear my mind.
    7. It matters not. I am but a weapon.
    8. You! And how will you atone for this death? Stand your ground knight!
    9. Who?...A forest guardian! The Aysir known as Lady Lotus…

    Lady Lotus is a character drawn by neko…thank you

    So the evil tree spirit is dead. Took longer than I expected, but…well there is a mystery as to why. Do the middle panels make sense? The wolf knight does not yet fully understand his demonic nature. It is an undercurrent of violence in his split soul. Yet he knows he is different…and isolated by his difference.

    About violence in fantasy: I still see my manga as a commentary on the nature of violence. There will be fighting scenes..and these will be realistic (and some people will not read because of violence which is fine). But here it is not like in most fantasy where there is often not repercussions for battles. In fighting there is pain, there is loss there is death and there is blood. The heroes here will fight only when necessary. No different than a war film.

    About the weirdness I drew yesterday: man did I catch a lot of flak for it. I guess I should have mentioned I was watching my cousin who is 5 at the time who had me in a really kid-like sort of mood. Maybe that explains it maybe it doesn’t. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I deleted them (I am only sorry I drew neo’s avatar in one of them, came out looking wrong) I don't mean to make a big deal out of it.

    Anyway…I’m so exhausted after this image…drawing manga is so firkin hard…I think I will sleep now… anybody’s guess as to how long I can do these…

    Peace out : ]


    Expand's dead. ........ and i lost control again. ...just like I did at Niltia. where does this anger come from? KILL.KILL...KILL..KILL What? What was that? No, its nothing. I have to clear my mind. It matters not. I am but a weapon. You! And how will you atone for this death? Stand your ground, knight! A forest guardian! The Aysir known as Lady Lotus... who? I can feel its presence passing in anger... wooosh You! And how will you atone for this death? Stand your ground, knight!

    wolf-knight, manga
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  • Flash 20.3.2010
    Nice congratz on bribed!
  • MadameCercle 7.3.2010
    Oui oui.
  • Burgess09 7.3.2010
    I like the way in which the story evolves, at a slow pace. Nice use of the colours to emphasize details.
  • paulyhart 7.3.2010
  • Spunkn 7.3.2010
    Congrats on bribed! All that hard work occasionally pays off!
  • bluesockmonkey 7.3.2010
    congrats on Bribed!! (and when do we find out what's with the transformation???)
  • Maoriman 7.3.2010
    Congratz sir jZzz
  • Flamingdeath 7.3.2010
    That was freaky,what WAS that?
  • kennyreid 7.3.2010
    grats on anothewr epic bribe
  • terwallace 6.3.2010
    Not his fault lady! that Tree was comin' right for me! should be interesting to see how this encounter goes!
  • zodiac6 6.3.2010
    I'd say"listen sister!...if you trimmed your plants once in a while i would'nt have to chop through them!...and as far as atonement...50$ will do fine to resharpen my blade.."
  • abrotons 6.3.2010
    Tu dibujo es genial,. me acaba de decir el ahijado de mi mujer, tiene 8 años y es muy inteligente, se llama Iker.
  • dawg123 6.3.2010
    WOW!!!! you did a really good job and I did understand the hand part which was really cool and I think it took you an hour!
  • JRMarklin 6.3.2010
    Like the faces

    Un gran trabajo jZ, tienes mucho arte para realizar rostros.
  • SnakeYukin 6.3.2010
    Lady Lotus? She's a flower.
  • bluesockmonkey 6.3.2010
    i enjoy multi-styles--loves variety, monkey do...but excited to watch plot unfold in series...what will Lady Lotus do????

    @kenny: poo poo poo poo :)))))
  • Maoriman 6.3.2010
    Fantastic work again jZzz
    Why did you delete yesterday's strips? You just send those critics my way and let old MM deal with them, and you should listen to the great old veteran jedi Spunkin...
  • Streetin 6.3.2010
    8 hours?
  • Streetin 6.3.2010
    Awesome! You definitely have improved...took two years? Mine only take about 12-15 minutes, I think I need to put in a dash of more detail.
  • Dorota 6.3.2010
    I really like the attention to detail.

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