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Migraine Chick Loves Hats

MigraineChick on 5. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Migraine Chick Loves Hats
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    I like to wear a hat during my migraines in case my head explodes.

    migraine, migrainechick
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  • MigraineChick 9.3.2010
    So nice to see you guys and girls!
  • Dorota 6.3.2010
    Helllloooo MigraineChick :)))
    Really nice to see you :]
  • 35sheep 5.3.2010
    LOOOOONG time, no see, Chick! Welcome back.

    PS: IF your head explodes, you have to promise to strip it, ok? ;-D
  • bluesockmonkey 5.3.2010
    that thumbs-down was not from me...
  • bluesockmonkey 5.3.2010
    ooo almost too true to be funny

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