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This morning I got promoted

kennyreid on 5. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

This morning I got promoted
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    1. morning coffee, how are you?
    steamy I see
    2. sssssslurp, mmmmm, thats right, time for stripgenerator
    3. ahhh, time for commenting my friends...
    4. huh, 6 points until...

    5. das hund presents your kinghood

    I GOT PROMOTED TODAY, FROM DUKE TO KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so this is a thanks to all for helping me get that, how awesome is it they give us titles!!!!!

    This strip is a reply to SG levels



    scratch YAWWWWN! click click click GLORIA!!!!! das hund presents your kinghood morning coffee, how are you?

    steamy I see ssssslurp, mmmmm. thats right, time for Stripgenerator ahhh, time for commenting my friends... huh, 6 points until...

    kennyreid, sg, strip
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  • stihl 6.12.2019
    hehe, nicee
  • Varg 28.11.2011
    Hilarious one Kenny!! it´s all in the details!! Faved!
  • hippiej 17.5.2010
  • tonkatoy 17.5.2010
    congrats on promotion love the strip
  • hippiej 7.5.2010
  • califWilliam 13.3.2010
    that hund is scary sometimes lol
  • MadameCercle 7.3.2010
    * * *
  • Flamingdeath 7.3.2010
    I'm about to be that to.Congrats.
  • lamp 6.3.2010
    lol...ok your majesty ;D
  • kennyreid 6.3.2010
    if you wanna see me doing my king antics, let me know!!! only by demand will i do it
  • lamp 6.3.2010
    Love the fact that your scratching you this something you can continue doing being a king?
    lol :D
  • KelBowen 6.3.2010
    nice artwork! ive just started on this site and im just getting used to things. hope my strips can look that good 1 day soon!
  • Maoriman 6.3.2010
    King Kenny has a nice ring to it...
  • Dorota 6.3.2010
    ».(´`•.¸(``•.¸ ¸.•`´)¸.•`´).«
    .«´¨`★ congratulations ★´¨`».
    ».( ¸.•`´(¸.•`´``•.¸)``•.¸).«
  • DepresiveNeko 6.3.2010
    ou.. you still alive.. where this hell dog?
    sleep again, dam
  • abrotons 6.3.2010
    ***** I'm gonna
    sleep tonight
    I need some points
    you need some points
    we all need some points
    the first point is justice
    the second is freedom
    the third is up to you
  • dawg123 5.3.2010
    WOw cool! congrats im an emperor and i need alot of points to become god
  • jZeno 5.3.2010
    nice job oh king kennyreid : ] congratz...
  • zodiac6 5.3.2010
    nice strip
  • MandyElectric505 5.3.2010
    hehehe :D

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