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MC Mexican #1

mcmexican on 5. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

MC Mexican #1
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    MC mexican moves in with the neighbors



    1208 Room 1208, new apartemento es muy bueno Damn... las chicas are gunna come down to 1208 all the time Better warn the neighbors when the room is rocking dont go knocking 1209 knock knock what what ayayay why do you have to be here at this time of day Hey goat, i'm your new neighbor MC Well, i must go as you can see the pancakes are ready so my options to stay are limited, im joe the goat, by the way double click to write... Heyheyhey... the pancakes are ready Ok Bye...................
    Oh yeah when the rooms a rocking dont come nocking porque mi casa tiene muy muy chicas if you catch my drift buy esse

    mc mexican, funny
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  • Wmiguel 19.7.2010
    -_- I'm disgusted.

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