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Wolf Knight Manga - Page 4(B)

jZeno on 4. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Wolf Knight Manga - Page 4(B)
  • Description

    Wolf-knight – First Solo Battle – Pg 4 (Battle)

    Text reads: 1: Is this how it will end? Killed in my first solo battle?
    2: Is this why I was knighted? With the hopes of the princess and the kingdom upon my shoulders? (Knight: ouch! Princess Neko: oops…sorry)
    3: No! I refuse to fail!
    4. [Schnikt…Schnikkt!]
    5. Get ready monster…
    6. [Skree!]
    7. Die! [schwackt!]

    There goes the evil tree spirit monster. Don’t worry, there are plenty more in the forest (See Neko’s blog to see why : ] Anyway, he’s not called Wolf-Knight for nothing. When his eyes glow red, his human side is being over-whelmed by his demonic side…

    PS: There is an appearance above by Neko as the Princess of Ankeria where the wolf-knight is a member of the royal guard. (she nearly cut my ear off at the knighthood ceremony...

    Lots of battle so far in this manga...But it will balance out soon though. Keep posted : ]




    Is this why i was knighted? With the hopes of the princess and the kingdom upon my shoulders? No! I refuse to fall! skreee! skreee! schnicktttt schnicktttt Die! shacktttt shacktttt shwwak shwwak shacktttt Get ready monster... skreee! skreee! Is this how it will end? Killed in my first solo battle? ouch! oops. sorry. skreee! shwwak shwwak

    wolf-knight, battle
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  • MadameCercle 7.3.2010
    * * *
  • terwallace 6.3.2010
    I have to admit, I've always wanted a pair of pop out blades!
  • Streetin 5.3.2010
    @Dawg: V is born a hundred years in the future from this...but jZ could make an ancestor of her or something...can't speak for him tho.
  • dawg123 5.3.2010
    Really neat im liking this series alot! and I hope vampryssa has a cameo in this!
  • Dorota 4.3.2010
    (´`☆.¸(``☆.¸ ¸.☆`´)¸.☆`´)
    ☆´¨☆Fantastic Details☆¨`☆
    ( ¸.☆`´(¸.☆`´ ``☆.¸)`´☆.¸)
  • abrotons 4.3.2010
    ***** Very good, terrifying eyes.
  • Spunkn 4.3.2010
    Love the throw away joke in the second panel! An old one but a good one! Come on kill that damned tree!
  • kennyreid 4.3.2010
    blooody.... just bloody!! hehheheee
  • Ambrosius77 4.3.2010
    Fantastic Details. This time perfect head-arms-body ratio. Lovely chain skirt. Those things are arm blades like Wolverine has?
  • bluesockmonkey 4.3.2010
    silly knight--forgetting those pointy arm sheaths!!

    lovely lovely shading & detail....
  • SnakeYukin 4.3.2010
    Always something up a sleeve.
  • zodiac6 4.3.2010
    looks like i called that one huh i said he would have a trick up his sleeve...; P
  • Maoriman 4.3.2010
    Awww I wanted to see the seven headed dragon again... hehehe nice work jzzz...
  • Netrunner 4.3.2010
    He's upset. I love the second frame.
  • Streetin 4.3.2010
    One word, berserk mode.
  • DepresiveNeko 4.3.2010
    ou.. poor plant
  • 35sheep 4.3.2010
    Excellent stuff!!!

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