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Obstacle course

anonymous on 4. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Obstacle course
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    Transcription is like running an obstacle course Initiation is the first leg, where the runner acts like RNA polymerase, unzips the DNA strand. Each leg of the course represents a different step in Transciption. As you finish the race, transcription is complete. The second leg is Elongation, where RNA polymerase adds complementary RNA nucleotides to the strands The final leg of the race is Termination. At this stage mRNA moves out of the nucleus after detaching the termination seqence. This is like when the runner has to go through a wall with holes in it. He chooses a hole that lets him put his whole body through. The runner needs to move inbetween the semicircles to continue the race. This is like when the runner just comes through the wall and sprints to the finish line. Finish Line

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