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Wolf Knight Manga - Page 3 (B)

jZeno on 3. Mar, 2010 — Lang: English

Wolf Knight Manga - Page 3 (B)
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    Wolf-knight – First Solo Battle – Pg 3 (Battle)

    Text reads: 1: wait…what is that? [haroom]
    2: The limbs are regenerating? [splooorch] this…this is no ordinary tree spirit!
    3: There is strange magic here [scrich]
    4. What? The felled limbs are attacking me?
    5. There’s too many…I can’t fight them all! [Arrgh]
    6. No! It can’t end like this! [Baooorg!]

    Cliffhanger here. Looks bad for the wolf-knight. Give him a break, its his first solo battle. (You’ll notice he looks young here). Anyway, will he even make it through the next strip? I wonder…

    Extremely challenging and exhausting to draw a page of manga a day. I have nothing but respect for the people that do this professionally. But then, they get paid for it : ] If I don’t pass out, I will keep trying to keep this up.




    wait...whats that? the limbs...are regenerating? this...this is no ordinary tree spirit! SPLOOORRRCH! scrich... what?! the felled limbs are attacking me?! theres too many... i can't fight them all! im in too close! aaargh! nooo! it...cant end like this!!! fwip! Baaaaooorrggg!! harooom... there is strange magic here... skrich. skrich... fwip!

    wolf-knight, battle
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  • abrotons 4.3.2010
    Ah, fabuloso, me olvidé con las preguntas.
  • abrotons 4.3.2010
    Puedes mover cosas de una viñeta a otra como con versiones anteriores? Puesdes guardar un personaje u objeto para utilizarlo en otras tiras? O lo repites todo cada vez?
  • dawg123 4.3.2010
    Nooo!!! somebody has to come and save him!
  • kennyreid 3.3.2010
    epic stuff sir, loving the action
  • Ambrosius77 3.3.2010
    Yeah, making full page strip is epic hard. I know, Making my Angels strips taken ages with the old engine. And there is even no library here. My greatest respect! Your visual expressions excellent.
  • terwallace 3.3.2010
    Keep it up man. I know it's hard work, but it's also damned good work!
  • Spunkn 3.3.2010
    Looks great! Well worth the effort! You should try to make a living out of it!
  • zodiac6 3.3.2010
    like most manga characters..i'm sure he has a trick up his sleeves...cant wait to see what it is...hidden weapon perhaps???you did say he castes spells...
  • ASHA 3.3.2010
    ....pericoli dovunque, stai attento !
  • bluesockmonkey 3.3.2010
    it CANNOT end like this!!!
  • SnakeYukin 3.3.2010
    Burn down the tree.
  • Streetin 3.3.2010
    Man, you're really on it now!!!!
  • Dorota 3.3.2010
    Respect for you and for that series.

       ¨°º¤ø„¸ SUPER ¸„ø¤º°¨
  • Netrunner 3.3.2010
    That's really great. Courage.
  • 35sheep 3.3.2010
    "THE END"

    (or not?)
  • DepresiveNeko 3.3.2010
    sorry, but i am a fan for evil nature spirit (malboroo gooo!)
    im realz sorry
  • Maoriman 3.3.2010
    Yeah great work dude... I'm sure it'll be difficult to keep up this quality everyday, but here's hoping... excellent work.
  • Robukka 3.3.2010
    You could use more colours buut you do the best you can wiith red and such. Looking amazing +
  • MadameCercle 3.3.2010
    Misère ! ... ça va mal ici !! ... je reviendrai plus tard ...
  • Flash 3.3.2010
    AWESOME!!! Dont give up!

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